Our International Partners

We import various types of laboratory equipment required by immunology, hematology, biochemistry, molecular biology, bacteriology, and microbiology laboratories from countries such as France, the USA, Germany, Japan, and the UK, meeting the needs of users.



BioMérieux is a biotechnology company founded in France in 1963. It operates in 44 countries worldwide, providing its services through a network of major distributors, serving over 160 countries.

BioMérieux specializes in solutions aimed at improving healthcare by identifying the causes of diseases and illnesses, particularly focusing on infectious diseases and microbiological conditions. Its solutions, tools, and software are tailored to diagnose diseases, restore health from infections, and manage cardiac conditions. These solutions and medical devices are utilized for diagnosing diseases, recovering from injuries, and managing cardiovascular conditions. Additionally, they are employed in the production of food, drugs, and cosmetics.


Seegene is a South Korean company established in 2000, specializing in the production of in-vitro diagnostic products and molecular diagnostics. Its products encompass a variety of diagnostic solutions for infectious diseases along with tests for respiratory and gastrointestinal infections. Since the beginning of 2020, Seegene has been actively developing tests for SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19.


Since its establishment in 1939, Eiken Chemical has been actively contributing to the improvement and maintenance of health and hygiene in Japan and beyond. The company focuses on developing and advancing diagnostic solutions in the field of clinical chemistry to enhance healthcare outcomes.

Eiken Chemical's flagship product line in clinical diagnostics for infectious diseases is globally recognized and integrated into leading healthcare initiatives. The utilization of molecular diagnostics in healthcare settings has become a standard practice, particularly in the assessment of infectious diseases. We collaborate closely with healthcare professionals to address challenges such as outbreaks and pandemics, working together to mitigate the spread of diseases and improve public health globally.

Through these efforts, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and successful innovation, we strive to continuously enhance healthcare and contribute to a healthier world, reinforcing our commitment to global health and other initiatives.


Dirui is a leading company established in 1992 in the field of clinical chemistry in China. It is a distributor of clinical chemistry reagents and equipment for the BNHAU. Dirui manufactures a wide range of products including biochemical analyzers, immunoassay systems, hematology analyzers, urinalysis systems, coagulation analyzers, molecular diagnostics, and integrated laboratory solutions. 

The Dirui diagnostic system serves customers in over 120 countries worldwide, including hospitals, reference laboratories, research institutions, and healthcare organizations.


Cepheid is an American molecular diagnostics company founded in 1996. Cepheid specializes in automated molecular diagnostics, providing rapid nucleic acid testing. Its diagnostics are used for identifying and characterizing infectious diseases and genetic disorders. Cepheid offers a range of diagnostic solutions related to healthcare, including infectious diseases, infectious disease outbreaks, biodefense, food safety, genetic testing, and oncology.